Daum Crystal Zhao by Paul Beckrich


Size: H 25.98

Limited Edition


Realizing the most illustrious and iconic figure of the tang dynasty, Wu Zetian. Zhao by Paul Beckrick. Pâte de crystal, Limited Edition 8. H : 87 cm – 34 1/4″. Wu Zetian, is the only woman to have ruled china as emperor and for establishing her own dynasty with a reign that lasted 50 years. During her reign, she created a Chinese character, Zhao , means light of the sun and the moon illuminating the earth, which Wu Zetian has regarded herself metaphorically to. hence, Wu Zetian also adopts the name of Wu Zhao. The transparency and brightness of pâte-de-crystal brings Zhao back to life.

Zhao transcends silent intensity and power, through Paul Beckrich’s clever adaption of movement, expression and matter.


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