£33,000.00 £30,450.00

Signed & Numbered

Certificate of Authenticity

Incredibly Detailed

Magnificent art piece


“Windwalker” Eagle Sculpture by award-winning wildlife artist Kitty Cantrell embodies the grace and untamed vitality of the noble bird of prey in an incredible life-size piece guaranteed to thrill every nature lover who sees it. With a wingspan of nearly five feet, every feather, hue and detail of “Windwalker” springs to awe-inspiring life to evoke a sense of freedom and independence, of sailing the updrafts and soaring the skies. Only 150 artist proof sculptures will be produced in the “Windwalker” design, making it an instant collector’s item as well as a valuable and thoughtful gift guaranteed to become a cherished family heirloom. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail in the USA, and measures 58″ high by itself without the pedestal.

Starlite Originals celebrates an innovative and gorgeous balance of classic Old World artistic traditions and modern perspectives, methods, materials and styles. This artwork represents the individual visions of the gifted artists that design and sculpt for Starlite Originals Studios, as well as the company’s commitment to showcasing new and provocative looks and styles.


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