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My name is Stella Lorenz. The only child to the late Emilia Lorenz and Heinrich Lorenz, who I lost at the age of 12. I was born in Berlin Germany on the 13th of March 1978. Growing up part of my life without my parents was a real struggle for me, as I was in and out of all my families homes, because they also struggled to pay for my fees and fend for me at the same time.

I did my high school and undergraduate degree(where I graduated with an honors and a first class degree) in my home country Germany.

1997-2000 : University of Stuttgart where I did a major in Architectural Engineering and Design.

In 2003 I traveled to the United Kingdom where I did my masters degree in Business Management at the University of Sunderland. (2003-2005). In 2005 after I graduated, I then relocated to the United States, Maryland Baltimore . Where I’m now based, and I’m an official citizen. I am a proud owner of my an Architectural and Design Firm as well. Considering myself a forever student because I am eager to learn more always, whilst working I was doing my PHD as well.

About Us

Founded in 2012, I always had a soft spot for traveling, and i would always collect ornaments and antiques for my own home. Constructing, and designing buildings made me have love for antiques. Incorporating these designs i had to use various antiques to please clients in different fields like hotels, schools, etc. And that’s how trinkets and traditions came about. We sell the most beautiful, elegant pieces. Including Kashmir Sapphires, and some made in bronze, marble, porcelain, and many more ornamental characters..

Our aim is to make sure our buyers and potential customers receive the best designs and best quality of our antiques.  We aim to provide our customers with care and trust.  We personally selected these antiques whole heartedly, paying close attention to detail and design to be able to please and keep our customers happy.  We feel very obliged to keep a close and trustworthy relationship between our company and our clients. 

We assure you that purchasing any item from Trinkets and Traditions Antiques is with 100% safety and comfortability.  If you however decide to buy a piece and decide to return it back in the same condition for another one of your choice, we guarantee that it is possible and we will dot it for you with pleasure, although there is a 5% mark up if the piece or item has been purchased for a year.

Spent the years networking and creating good relations with our existing clients, and we intend to keep doing so with our new customers, whom we will welcome with loving hands.  In a situation where you find yourself in need of a specific piece or item, that is not on our website, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, and we will try our best to deliver and provide you with what you require.  

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Customers reviews

After my passion of music and my family, I assure that Trinkets and Traditions Antiques is the next best thing to happen ever. Flawless pieces to design in my home. Love it!
Rita Ora
Growing up, I love decorating, and once I located Trinkets and Traditions, Decorating has been made much easier and so much fun. Intact and tiny beautiful items in-store and not to mention an amazing customer care.
Naom Campbell
My wife and i argue a lot when shopping for antiques, because Trinkets and Traditions Antiques leave us confused on what to buy. We always wish we could buy everything. Up to par and very classical antiques. Definitely worth buying.
David Beckham